High Pressure Hydro Blasting


Radiant has been a prominent player in hydrojetting. By working closely with plant and maintenance supervisors, our ability to recognize opportunities to improve operator safety, cut process times, and improve productivity, has led to the development of some of the industry’s most sought after technologies.

While our safety records, mobility, size, resources, and experienced personnel are certainly key factors to our success, it is our dedication to exceeding client expectations that continues to mark our course for the future.

Hydro Jetting / Hydro Blasting for Static and Rotating Equipment like;

All Piping Systems , Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Storage Tanks,Process Vessels, Tanks, Fin Fan Coolers, Boilers, Condensers,  Towers/ Columns, Air Preheaters etc

As a recognized player with a powerful combination of technology, skill , experience and safety record, Clients relyon Radiant for optimum cleaning of their equipment.

From conventional 10,000 PSI pressure to the combination of required Flow & Pressure of water and aggregate at more than 40,000 PSI, we routinely achieve pressure cleaning results that match or at times surpass our customer’s expectations. This is possible only because of use of well-known  brand equipment like NLB, Jetstream, Peinemann, etc and regular upkeep and maintenance of equipment as per standards.  In cases, automated tooling is combined with the hydro blasting unit to enhance pressure cleaning efficiency and productivity. Branded high pressure hoses from Parker , tooling from Stoneage, and Safety Suits for high pressure hydro blasting from… add to our safety precautions.

Contemporary Tools / Equipment :

  1. High Pressure Water Jetting -15000 to 40000 psi
  2. Outside Bundle Cleaner
  3. 3 XLTC
  4. Heavy duty Rollers
  5. Pipe cleaning Badgers

Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3XLTC)

Flex Frame (For In situ cleaning of Tube Bundle in Plant) X-Y Frame (For Tube Bundle cleaning at Yard)

  • Peinemann make Triple Lance Tube Cleaner (3XTLC). Portable, safe and easy to assemble are just some of the salient features of heat Exchanger cleaning equipment offering improved cleaning capabilities.
  • The remote control enhances safety as the operator will be operating from a safe working distance.
  • In view of higher cleaning speed and simultaneous cleaning of 3 tubes, downtime of Heat Exchangers for maintenance can be drastically reduced.
Peinemann make Triple Lance Cleaners have the capabilities of cleaning both vertical and horizontal tube bundles The Flex Frame/ X-Y Frame is portable and can be positioned at difficult to reach areas especially Air Fin Coolers (AFC) allowing use of various sizes of lances.

Technical Specifications:


Maximum air pressure 6.3 bar
Cleaning speed(Approx) 0.45 m-0.7 m/sec(18”-30” per second)
flow 114 ltr (30 gallon) per min (3X38 ltr/3X10 )
Pressure 1150 Bar (15000PSI)

Outside Bundle Cleaner: (OBC)

  • OBC is a State of the Art equipment procured the World Leader Peinemann, Netherland.
  • Quality and speed of cleaning is very good Compared to other O.D cleaning equipment
  • OBC is equipped with hydraulic manipulated nozzle bar controlled from inside the cabin to steer the jets.
  • As the nozzle bar is turned by hydraulic motor, the operator is able to precisely control the direction of the High Pressure jet. Manipulation of nozzle bar allows for full coverage of external surface of tube bundles including tube sheets.
  • The tube bundle to be cleaned is placed on two hydraulic motor operated heavy duty rollers which eliminate the need for a crane for rotating the tube bundle and cleaned by means of a horizontally driven nozzle bar, which can move vertically as well as towards and away from the bundle to get the best cleaning results.
  • The OBC has a horizontal stroke of 9.50 meters and the maximum height is 1.85 meters thus making it easy to clean larger tube bundles. The speed is adjustable from the cabin from 0-1 m/sec in order to get the best cleaning results.
  • All hydraulic controls are placed in the cabin where the operator can sit comfortably and safely without being exposed to the dirt bouncing back from the tube bundle.

Technical Specifications:


Total Weight 2500Kg
No of Nozzles 05
Recommended water flow 130-200 lit/min
Engine Silent Hatz, diesel

Badger for pipe line Cleaning

The 4″ & 6″ Badger self-rotary tool makes cleaning pipes with elbows easy, navigating 4 in.(102 mm) bends with controlled rotation which is important for efficient cleaning for larger pipes.


  • Different jetting configurations allow for more or less pull and forward hitting power
  • Navigates elbows as small as 4 in. (102 mm)
  • Self-rotary, speed control provides complete internal coverage, while speed control provides optimum jet delivery.
  • The 6″ Badger features adjustable speed control which elbows operators to meet the demands of the task at hand- slower speeds for tough deposits and plugs, faster rotation for easier jobs or polishing.


  • Only rotary pipe cleaning tool with adjustable speed control for fine-tuning to specific requirements
  • Navigates elbows as small as 6 in.(152 mm)
  • Speed controlled rotary tools provide complete internal Coverage, while speed control provides optimum jet delivery

We can undertake cleaning of pipes from 18” to 48” diameter

They trust us